For in-house Installs we may require your vehicle to be in our shop for multiple days depending on the type of vehicle, type of wrap and work involved. An estimate on this timeline will be communicated with you when we book the job in. Please ensure that you have other means of transportation while we have your vehicle in the shop. 

We are not a 24 hour wrap shop!

Some of the reasons that will contribute to the length of time we have your vehicle are:

(1) How much of the vehicle needs to be dismantled before wrapping can commence (mirrors, doors, bumpers, handles, interior panels etc.). We almost always remove mirrors and doors handles when we install wraps, even on commercial. 

(2) How much prep is involved in your vehicle surface before wrapping can commence. 

(3) Whether there is any undisclosed damage to the vehicle that needs to be addressed before wrapping. 

(4) What type of vehicle we are wrapping and the type of wrap (partial wrap, commercial wrap, color change etc.)

Please note that we require your vehicle to be in the following condition before coming into the shop: 

(1) The vehicle needs to be cleaned before coming in with no solvents or wax residue on the surface. If the vehicle is not cleaned before coming into the shop, a cleaning charge will apply to your final invoice. 

(2) Any existing wraps on the vehicle will need to be removed before coming into the shop. If you need to have an existing wrap removed, please contact Showtime Detailing in Maple Ridge at (604) 457-1200. 

(3) Any damage to the vehicle surface will need to be disclosed, and major dents or damage will need to be repaired before appointment date.

(4) Vehicle cannot be dropped off before your appointment date unless otherwise agreed and pick up of the vehicle must also be done as agreed. We cannot store vehicles at our location. 

Please be advised that we are often booking appointments 2-3 months in advance. We advise all customers to secure the first available date as we tend to book up quickly. As we get closer to your install date, we may be able to move up your appointment date as spots open up or we get cancellations, however we only do this for appointments already secured in our calendar! 

Please note that any changes or cancellations of appointments must be done with at least (5) days notice. Deposits paid to secure your appointment date are non-refundable, but can be applied to a re-scheduled appointment or for in-store credit if done within a reasonable time frame and for a valid reason. 

If you have any questions about our install policies, please contact customer service at:

(604) 474-3737