The Growth of our Company

37 Wraps is a family business that started in 2009 under the name Thirty Seven Enterprises. After many years of creating stickers, signs and wraps we started to notice that our passion and niche was in vinyl wraps. So in 2016 we changed our name to 37 Wraps. We still offer stickers and sign orders with a minimum order, which can easily be ordered from our online store. We also offer different custom wrap materials and wrap kits from our online store that you can schedule an appointment to have installed in-house or even apply yourself. 

Our install shop is located in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia 

and we ship our products Canada-Wide. 

We Look Forward to Serving You!



Quality, Consistency & Attention to Detail are What We Stand Behind.

Our wraps come with a 1-year warranty on the installation of the product. We use Avery MPI1105 for our in-house printed wraps. When it comes to color changes, we use KPMF, 3M, Avery & Hexis.

One thing that sets us apart from the competition is that when installing your wrap, we dismantle certain parts of the vehicle in order to ensure all wraps are installed with quality, design and durability in mind. The original color of the vehicle versus the color that you want to wrap it determines how far the disassembly goes and this will impact your estimate. For example, if your vehicle is white and you want to wrap it black, we will be removing bumpers and a lot of trim. We almost always remove door handles and mirrors, even on commercial vehicles. We want your wrap to stand the test of time and to look good well into the future. 

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